Beehive Studio is a vibrant, nurturing place for children (and families) to make art, explore ideas, and be creative. At Beehive we believe that all children are artists, and that this innate creativity can be nurtured by playing and learning with beautiful quality materials, accompanied by passionate and experienced teachers in a thoughtful and inspiring space. 

At Beehive there are no worksheets or cookie-cutter projects. While children will bring home beautiful (and sometimes prolific!) art works during participation in our programs, our focus is firmly on process - learning skills that provide building blocks to explore their own vision, rather than 'do as I do'. Mistakes, mess, and experiments are encouraged.

Beehive is an inclusive place. Children learn from each other, the instructors, themselves, and their environment, and we encourage exposure to diversity from all those sources. All children and families, however they come, are welcomed at our studio. Groups are small, and as such community is created. Unkindness limits creativity and is addressed immediately. If you feel your child needs additional support to participate please get in touch.