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Waivers and Releases

Occasionally we snap photos of students work in the studio. These photos may be used on our web site or other promotional materials. Do we have permission to photograph your child?
In registering my child at Beehive Studio I recognize that there are elements of risk inherent in any program activity, including, but not limited to studio based activities and trips into the neighborhood on foot, and that as a result of these risks my child may suffer personal injury, death, as well as property loss. I freely and voluntarily assume the risks and hazards and understand that my child's participation in Beehive Studio programs shall be entirely at my own risk.

I waive any claim I might have against Beehive Studio, it's owner, staff, and volunteers arising from my child's participation and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Beehive Studio owner/staff/volunteers for any claim, including for medical services arising from my child's participation.

Beehive Studio may secure such medical advice and services as it, in its sole discretion, may deem necessary for my child's health and safety, and I shall be financially responsible for such services as necessary.

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