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Welcome to Home-Schooler Courses at Beehive!


While we welcome both home and formal schooled kiddos to all our classes, we know that, as home-school families, you have some specific needs, wants, and opportunities for participation that we want to help you with.

Our home-schooler courses are offered during the day, from 10-30-11.45

Courses run once a week for 4-6 weeks (see specific courses for exact number of weeks). 

Classes cover a range of themes, and explore a smorgasbord of gorgeous, high quality artist materials.

While children will bring home lots of beautiful art pieces created during a course, it is important to know that, at Beehive we place emphasis on process, building skills, and recognizing that creative expression is unique to to each child. 

Classes are small a minimum of 6, and maximum of 10 students in each, and children are able to express themselves in their own style - no worksheets or cookie-cutter projects here!

Registration in a course includes all sessions and materials. 

Courses are unaccompanied by parents (we have found that children participate more freely this way) However, if you are concerned about your child's ability to stay without a parent, please contact us to chat :)

Open Studio option

At the end of each course you are invited to beehive for some 'open studio' time to either finish any remaining projects, or to explore art materials independently or with a parent. 

Please note, Refunds on registration are not available. 


All children and families, whoever they are, however they come, are welcome at Beehive Studio. Unkindness and exclusion of any kind will be addressed immediately. If you feel you child may need extra support please get in touch. We will work hard to make sure things work for all of you. 


Age groups listed for each course are based on our long experience of what works best. However, we know that each child is different, and if you would like us to include an older or younger child please get in touch and we can chat!

Contact us:

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Sculpture and Touchable Art Home Schoolers Age 6-10 (Friday)

When: Friday's 10.30-11.45am (75 Minutes)    5 Weeks             Who: Children ages 6-10              Cost: $150    

Join us for a smorgasbord of 3D Art exploration!

Explore shape, form, line, colour, and your own limitless creativity as we delve into sculpture and 3D art. 

During this 5 weeks class we will work on creating sculpture in Free Standing, Kinetic, and Relief forms using paper mache, wire, felt, and a host of other rich art materials. While art exploration will be guided by an awesome facilitator in our friendly and supportive environment, we are firmly a process based art space, and children will have lots of scope to explore their own interpretations of our theme. 

This class is unaccompanied by parents - our space is small, and we find that children at this age feel freer in their art without a parent present. Parents are welcome to come in at the end of class and admire your child's work :) If this presents a challenge for your child please get in touch

Facilitator: Kate



Starts May 03, 2019
Ends May 31, 2019
Cut off date 05-03-2019
Fee $150.00
$150.00 2

We are no longer accepting registration for this event