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What are 'courses' at Beehive Studio?

Courses run once a week for a full term of 9-10 weeks. Each session builds on the last. 

Some courses have several day and time options to choose from. 

Each term has a loose theme that shapes what we cover in class. This allows families to register for a full year without children repeating activities. (there is a discount if you register up front for 3 consecutive terms )

Term 1 - Drawing and Painting

Term 2 - Mixed Media and Print Making

Term 3 - Sculpture

We explore the theme using a wide variety of high quality materials and media, building skills, and ending with an exhibition, curated by students, of their own work.

While children will bring home lots of beautiful art pieces created during a course, it is important to know that, at Beehive we place emphasis on process, building skills, and recognizing that creative expression is unique to to each child. 

Classes are small - 10 students in each, and children are able to express themselves in their own style - no worksheets or cookie-cutter projects here!

Registration in a course includes all sessions and materials. 

Missed weeks:

If your child needs to miss a week please let us know in advance. We are often able to accommodate a child in a 'parallel' class on another day to make up for one missed. 

Refunds on registration are not available. 


All children and families, whoever they are, however they come, are welcome at Beehive Studio. Unkindness and exclusion of any kind will be addressed immediately. If you feel you child may need extra support please get in touch. We will work hard to make sure things work for all of you. 


Age groups listed for each course are based on our experience of what works best. However, we know that each child is different, and if you feel that your child would be more comfortable in an older or younger age bracket please get in touch and we can chat!

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