Come and celebrate your special day with an Art Party at Beehive!

********* PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOW BOOKING FOR PARTIES FROM February 2020 ONWARD***************

To Begin...

Our Party Plan:

 - Parties are held on Sunday's at 11.00 am. (other times may be possible depending on availability- please ask)

 - Parties are 2 hours long (ages 5+) or 1.5 hours (3-5), and includes approximately 1.5 hours of art, followed by time for snacks, cup cake decorating and a story or time to open presents. 

 - Families are welcome to bring their own food / party snacks. Cupcakes are provided by Beehive and are included in all party packages.

 - Parents of the birthday child are asked to stay for the duration of the party, as are parents of children under 4. Parents of children 5 and over are welcome to stay or leave as they choose. 

 - Each party guest will take home a unique piece of art created by them. Additional 'loot bags' are not included. 

 - Payment is made at the time of booking, and is NON REFUNDABLE. In case of illness of the birthday child, parties can be rescheduled. 


Party Options:

Ages 3,4, and 5 years:  $285  Up to 10 children

A bunch of creative and messy fun awaits in this hands on mix of sensory and art centres. Children can travel freely from one spot to another, and work on art experiences, including painting, sculpting, sticking, and sensory play centres as they choose. If the weather is warm we include the water play centre on our patio. 

Ages 5 years and over $285. Up to 10 children

 Project options:

 - Fairy / Elf Houses. Age 5+ Make your own special sparkly play dough, then use a carefully selected collection of inviting loose parts and materials to create a one of a kind mini garden and home for a tiny wooden figure (best for ages 5 and up)

 - Dinosaur Habitats. Ages 5+. Make a tiny home for a tiny dinosaur! Choose your dino, and create a unique garden complete with volcano, from a wonderful selection of loose parts and materials.

 - Paint a Canvas. Using high quality artists materials, party guests are guided though the steps to create a beautiful, colourful painting to take home. Themes can be matched to the birthday child's interests (Ages 6 and over) 

 - Break and Make. Use simple tools to explore and take apart (demolish!) old electronics, and make art with the pieces! (ages 8 and over) b 





Thank you for your interest in booking a party at Beehive Studio. Please complete this form and we will respond to you as soon as possible to confirm availability and discuss details.

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